Márton Karsai Online

Computational Human Dynamics

Márton Karsai Ph.D., Habil.

Associate Professor

Director of PhD Program in Network Science

Department of Network and Data Science

Central European University

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics

ISI Foundation, Torino


Invited talk at the 4th workshop on Data for the Wellbeing of the Most Vulnerable @ ICWSM'23

Invited talk at the 4th Compexity72h workshop

Editor-in-Chief of the journal Advances in Complex Systems

New paper in the Scientidic Data

New paper in the SIAM Review

New paper in the EPJ Data Science

Invited talk at the Conference on Complex Systems 2022

New paper in the Nature Communications

New papers in Phys Rev Research and Phys Rev E

New paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

General co-chair of CCS 2021 Lyon

Invited to lecture at the Lake Como School on Complex Networks

New paper in Scientific Reports

New paper in Scientific Reports

Talk at CIVICA Tour d'Europe - Bocconi University
on Monitoring behavioural responses during pandemic via online-offline data collection

New paper in Nature Communications!

New paper in Nature Machine Intelligence!

Talk at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on data-driven modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic

Interview on Telex on COVID-19 data collection and modelling in Hungary

Most Hungarians Would Not Vaccinate Themselves Against COVID